HME Reward Programed for E-waste

Every time users recycle through H. M. E-WASTE, they will be rewarded with points, which can then be used to exchange for discounts and deals with our partners.

With this, H. M. E-WASTE aims to encourage the habit of recycling in India, thus enabling a robust circular economy.


We are given on Reward as an incentive encourage recycling hence it is not a flat amount, more weight or type of product you give more you earn. Additionally, we would like to prevent the situation where excessive e-waste is being generated and disposed of for points, which defeats the purpose of the system. With the efforts of everyone, we hope to build a deeper appreciation for our environment and the limited resources it provides. In the long run, we aim for recycling to become part and parcel of society. In the meantime, we will work at communicating this more clearly to all our users and will look at other solutions to improve user experience. While we progress, we seek the public’s understanding and patience.