Best practice approach for 100% Secure Data Destruction

Handing over of Data Devices like HDDs, Media tapes, Flash drives etc.
is a major challenge for any organisation while going for disposal of IT

These Data Devices are loaded with lots of confidential information of the company & its clients and personal / secret information of the staff etc. and hence it becomes very important that before handing over such devices, all the data are completely sanitized / destroyed.

  • HME Green data destruction services helps clients get rid of this fear factor by availing HME Green World Class Services of data deletion / degaussing / destruction, as per clients’ needs and data security policies.
  • At HME Green , we have developed India’s first mobile shredding facility that enables 100% destruction of confidential data at the client premise (onsite). By shredding the data devices at the client site itself, we relieve clients of their concerns relating to data security and data leakage.
Data Destruction