End-to-end HME Waste Management Recycling without
adverse impact on environment

When services are required in your data center, whether it be data destruction, rack removal, consolidation, relocation, or a full data center decommissioning, HME Waste Management has the experience and expertise necessary to ensure the process is done in a secure, responsible, environmentally friendly, and efficient manner.

As your data center service partner, HME Waste Management will ensure these five critical
requirements are met:

  • Data Security
  • Information Privacy
  • Environmental Protection
  • Efficiency and Maximum Resale Value
  • Traceability
HME Green Data Center Services

We offer a full range of services to provide you the safe removal and disposal of equipment. Services include decommissioning, on-site data eradication, data destruction services, and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services. HME Waste Management also offers relocation services for data centers and handles all aspects of the transfer including secure logistics.

Mismanagement of data center equipment and the data which is stored on it poses substantial security risks, potential fines, and massive damage to your brand’s reputation.

HME’s center decommissioning team consists of dedicated account technicians who are specifically trained and experienced in data center environments, along with a full team of on-site engineers and specially trained logistics professionals, all of whom ensure secure efficient decommissioning services are provided

HME’s data center decommissioning services are specifically designed to help you achieve 100% compliance, reduce risk, minimize environmental impacts, and maximize the value recovered from retired assets – most importantly all while preventing any disruption to your day to day business operations.